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Testimonials from my Clients

I get a lot of requests for Fashion consulting and services in Winnipeg. I have so many happy clients for my Winnipeg Fashion consulting. If you are a client and want to add your Testminial for my Winnipeg Fashion Advice and Consulting services, please let me know. Thanks!

Myra is excellent! She is very professional, likeable and knows her stuff. She goes over your body type, colors, and picks many clothes for you to try on. The best part – you don’t have to be up-to-date on fashion, since she has that part taken care of. I strongly recommend her. Why not hear what she has to say?


Myra was very patient with my lack of fashion skills.  She listened to my wardrobe needs and paid attention to my comfort levels.  She showed me combinations of clothes that I had never thought of putting together before.  She gave me practical tips and pictures to help me when I go shopping.  Thank you, Myra!

I have always struggled with finding the right clothes for my body type, matching items together and finally, adding the right accessories to complete the look. I found our shopping trip together very helpful because not only did you help me to discover which styles and color combinations work best for me, but you helped me mix and match key pieces and find the right accessories to help jazz up any outfit. Thanks!

It was a pleasure meeting you too and thanks so much for sending the style tips.   Although, somewhat limited, I enjoyed our shopping time together. I really appreciated your enthusiasm , design feedback and assistance selecting & matching outfits. I felt you were very sincere in wanting to help me get at least one outfit together before leaving the mall. – Liz