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Winter Highs…

Happy Sunday everyone!

I hope everyone in Winnipeg is enjoying the mild weather we’re having lately. It’s not -50! I’m not sure if we’re getting -50 back any time soon but I am definitely taking advantage right now. Yes, I’m talking about wearing lighter, less bulker Winter gear. For Christmas, I got a new coat by Minimum(shown here) which is more suitable for Fall/Spring,  but I had to rock it. I think it’s pretty wonderful and perfect for me. In the Winter, I usually choose comfort and practicality over being fashionable. Gone are the days of wearing hot leather booties in the snow with a cute peacoat. Not only is it not practical, it’s also uncomfortable. In -50 cold, I’ll be give me my parka and Sorels any day. What can I say, I’m older and kind of wiser now.

Thankfully, these days, it’s only in the late teens and not a ridiculous high windchill. So, out comes the lighter, less bulkier, more fashionable gear. I’m wearing my Minimum coat, which has a fabulous cowl neck, biker zipper and length up to my knees. Again, not too tight, loose enough but stylish. I got this stylish mom thing down. I also have my other new favorite thing to wear on my head, since I usually wear a toque but since it’s warmer these days, my new hand knitted turban headband. I started seeing them a couple years back, every Winter, but this past season, I saw them cropping up on many a girl’s head. In so many different styles too. My girlfriend, Mariver knits a whole bunch of them a day, in every color and is selling them for $10. I have the red and brown one. (Check them out. Any color! If interested, email me.)  The really awesome thing about them is that you can wear them in different ways, like wearing your hair down, or in a loose top bun. Have fun with it. You can also attach a broach to it, to give it a more vintage look. You can also pair with something casual (like with my parka) or with a fancier coat, like a peacoat or a crop jacket. Wear them indoors, if you have bad hair days, like me, leave it on and wear with a t-shirt/ and jeans. Really, you can complete any outfit with these headbands. Consider them like toques. Stylish, yet practical. My kind of fashion.

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