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Why Body Image and Physical Appearance is Important…

Anyone go through the check out line and get distracted by the tabloids? Do you look at what Kim Kardashian is wearing or what the new diet fad is to get a 6 pack abs? Well, me too. There’s always something that would catch my eye. I’m guilty of it. I, too wanna see what designer shoes Beyonce is wearing to the Grammy’s. Sadly, we live in a society where media has the power to dictate what looks good and what doesn’t in order to be socially accepted. Another thing that these magazines do is to force us to idolize celebrities, especially those who are a little more impressionable, like young women. Just because harem pants looks good on JLo, it doesn’t mean that it will look the same on you. This is why, I think people must know their limits when it comes to their own body image. Body image is how you think about your body and your physical appearance is simply outside appearance. Being aware of your own physical appearance is important because you learn to know what looks good and what doesn’t for your body type. When you do wear the right clothing, you begin to feel great about yourself and it is reflected. Then, it creates a great impression on people you come in contact with.


As a wardrobe stylist, this is where I come in. I have many clients who are unaware of what flatters their figure. Some of them either don’t know or simply do not care about the way they look. But unfortunately, we live in a judgemental society. What you wear is the first thing people see when they meet you. And they will make an impression of you in their heads whether good or bad. The basic thing that I tell clients is to figure out what their body type is: pair shape, hourglass, rectangle or petite. From there, I teach them how to flatter their body shape. Add some style. For example, on a petite body type, you would want to lengthen, so v-necks is good, long tops that hit right at the hip, straight cut pants and then heels. This is all to create the illusion of lengthening. Being aware of your body type and how to flatter it, gives you some knowledge and now you can go into the mall having an idea of what to buy as opposed to shopping around aimlessly unsure, like so many of my clients.


One of the other things I ask my clients is what colors they are usually drawn to. Usually, whatever color they are drawn to, looks great on them. And I find that and from personal experience, when you wear your favorite color, your mood is enhanced, making you feel great overall. So, now you’re wearing the latest fashions, looking great because your figure is flattering and wearing your fave color. And you’re feeling great! When this is achieved, your energy vibrations are up and you feel like a million bucks. This is the best part of my job – when I awaken my client’s fashion senses and make them feel great simply by showing them how to wear this and that.


When you feel  amazing through your clothes, your energy levels are raised and it shows. You will notice a difference and people you come into contact will see it, as well. This is especially important when going for an interview or attending a formal function. The idea is to feel good and if it means changing up your wardrobe in order to become happier and reflecting that joy, then I’m all for it and I’ve done my job. This is why physical appearance is important and why I am a wardrobe consultant.


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