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UGGly Winter Boots? Pt. 2 – How to wear them…

Hello and welcome to Part 2 of my homage to Ugg boots. Like I said before in my previous post, I have never been a fan of Uggs, until a short while ago. One of the main reasons why is that, these boots that weren’t very pretty, lasted for so long.  I couldn’t understand it. Maybe I should own a pair myself to realize the true Ugg experience. I get it now. The sheepskin in them are extremely comfy, no matter how Uggly I think they are. People eat them up because they’re easy to throw on.

The history of Ugg boots actually dates back to 1978. A fellow named Brian Smith believed that these boots which originated in Australia would be a git in Southern California. He started selling them on the beach and he was right, surfers wore them, surfers’ girlfriends wore them and basically beach bums. They soon became a symbol of the casual Southern Californian lifestyle. A few years later, thanks to Britney Spears and other celebrities, mainstream followed suit and next thing you know, everyone and their little doggies were wearing them. It became a trend that lasted a little too long for my liking. But they work and are necessary in the fashion world, so kudos to Uggs.

Even my 75 yr old aunt bought a pair in the beginning of the Winter season. She fell in love with them because they allowed her toes to spread out, when walking…on properly cleared out side walks. She also has arthritis, so they’re perfect. If my aunt enjoys them, then they’re good by me. I’ve made peace with them. Only problem is, what to wear them with. I have called them “outside house slippers” in my previous post, but ladies, you don’t have to take that literally. Many a time, do I see girls practically wearing their pj’s outdoors. Huuuge fashion faux pas! Unless, you are just warming up the car or grabbing the morning paper, it should be forbidden to wear inside gear outside. Not only is it an unpretty sight, but what kind of impression are you giving out to the world, to peers, to coworkers,employers, potential mates etc. Who wants to look like they just rolled out of bed?! Like you’re depressed and don’t care about your appearance. Ladies, if you plan on wearing Uggs, you might as well make the rest of your outfit look put together and less sloppy.

The idea is to look put together from the top of the Uggs, goin’ up: Here are some ideas:

Sienna Miller has impeccable fashion sense and knows how to put together an outfit with her Uggs.

Sienna Miller has impeccable fashion sense and knows how to put together an outfit with her Uggs.



Hell no! Why man? Why?!

Hell no! Why man? Why?! He must have sweaty feet!

Urban chic in her Uggs. You don't have to live in SoCal...Urban chic in her Uggs. You don’t have to live in SoCal…



Alyssa Milano is NOT the boss in this pic...

Alyssa Milano is NOT the BOSS in this pic…

So effortless, so casual, sooo Cali...sooo right!So effortless, so casual, sooo Cali…sooo right!

So there you have it. Some ideas on what to wear and what not to wear with a pair Uggs with. I think the fashion faux pas are self explanatory. Do NOT wear Uggs with jammie pants or cargo shorts out in public. There’s a fine line between looking sloppy and effortlessly put together. The idea is to look effortlessly casual but not too casual to the point of letting yourself go. So, please take ideas from these photos. I know I will. I’ve finally made peace with Uggs and I’ve come to terms with the fact that they are here to stay, whether I like it or not. I think I might cop myself a pair…

uggs are here to stay.

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