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UGGly Winter Boots? Part 1

I don’t know about you, but I’ve just about had it with the cold weather. By this time, most Winnipeggers are pretty sick and tired of the snow and cold. For some, January/February is the time to head out to much warmer places like Mexico or Cuba, rather than stick around for the cold. But for those of us who are stuck here, temperature in the -10 would be like being on a beach. Unfortunately, along with the cold, we are still stuck with wearing layers, snow zone signs, warming up the car for 10 minutes beforehand and tons of snowbanks. For this season, I relish in getting prepared and facing whatever Winnipeg temperatures throw at me. I have to feel warm and wear good footwear in order to brave our temperatures. As a busy mom, I am forever running around and driving, so it’s important for me to be able to wear a sensible pair of boots like Sorels. I’m not talking about Doc Martens either. They are more of a fashion boot than anything and not at all practical for  Winnipeg Winters. And although, not too long ago I wasn’t a fan of Ugg boots. In fact, I was totally against them because I always thought they were too “UGGly” and impractical. I resenred them and wouldn’t have been caught dead in them. I believe that Britney was to blame. I know it’s not Thursday yet, but let’s do a throwback.Think back to the early 200o’s, during the explosion of tabloid trash, when all we would see on the cover was Britney doing this and going there, wearing this, wearing that…all in her UGGs. It didn’t matter, she’d be wearing a pink track suit one day, with K-Fed or wearing a summer dress and she’d be rocking these UGGs like well…like nobody’s business. That was Britney, b**h! And all of a sudden, they were all the rage. I’d say she single handedly made “trailer trash” chic popular and UGGs a household name. I lived in Vancouver at the time, and everyone and their little doggies were sporting them! And I was not impressed because I always prided myself in avoiding the current trend, especially when they lacked style and sophistication. At the time, I just couldn’t understand their popularity. And when I moved back to Winnipeg in 2007, they were still around. Up until last year, I still was not a fan of UGGs because of their unwarranted popularity for being visually unappealing and impractical in the Winter. Girls were even wearing them in warmer weather as per Britney, which I do not condone. Even my 70 yr old aunt owns a pair, but not because of Britney but because they are extremely comfortable for her arthritic feet, when walking around.

Thankfully, UGGs carries a variety of footwear in their collection, like shoes, slippers, sandals and yes, even practical Winter boots. Last week, I noticed my girlfriend wearing a pair of long winter boots and assumed they were Sorels, but nope they were Uggs! And they were totally fabulous! They were long, black in color, made of leather, nicely fitted, and without the signature sheepskin lining. They were very practical, with the sole made of Vibram material, which is found on mountain and utility boots. I had to have them…for next year. (I had just bought a pair of Sorel boots).

I wasn’t a fan of UGGs for the longest time, but I’ve learned to accept the fashion trend force that is these boots. The style definitely works for Winnipeggers’ casual, laid back vibe. Being the practical fashionista, I was thinking they’re not the most practical on slippery icy or snowy terrain, but they’re easy. You can throw them on after a yoga class or wear them during a road trip. They’re like outside house slippers, really. They’re just super comfy. So, that being said, just don’t get too comfy with them, fashionably speaking. Be careful what you wear with UGG’s. I’ve just accepted that they are a “fashion” force to be reckoned with, but choosing what you pair them with is crucial. There’s a fine line with making an outfit with UGGs fashionable vs. sloppy looking, fashion faux pas. My advice: keep your outfit fitted and you looking slim while UGG’s stand out on their own. For examples of how to wear outfits with UGGs, stay tuned for Pt. 2 of this article…


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