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The next chapter…I mean next scene in my life.


Good morning!! I feel like it’s been eons since I’ve written anything down and I apologize. Ever since I moved to Vancouver, I’ve made some career changes in my life, resulting in my moods going wonky and feeling unmotivated to write. But, I’m back.
I’ve had to stray away (temporarily) from fashion styling and wardrobe makeovers for awhile until I can get my feet on the ground in a new city, so I turned to my next passion – working in film. Thankfully, this time around, there is plenty of work in the city, which is pretty much why it’s deemed “the Hollywood of the North”. So, I found myself diving in the “not so glamorous” film industry in B.C, as a costumer. And I stress”not so glamorous” because everyone, including me always thought it was. If you think 16 hr days in upredictable weather and lugging racks upon racks of clothing is glamorous, then kudos to you. It may actually sound dreadful but I actually love it. The upside to this is the great pay, meeting all sorts of interesting characters from cast and crew; and I get fed well – all day long.
With the unpredictable weather, a good costumer must be equipped with the proper gear in case it rains, gets too cold overnight or gets too hot during day shoots – which is very common in the West Coast. Layering is the best thing to do.
If you decide to enter the world of film, here are some suggestions for proper gear. Not the most fashionable, but stylish and practical. I’ve compiled some great outdoor gear that would stand up to any kind
of climate changes, as well as stylish too.

A few of my picks of trusted brands, perfect for layering:

This one is shorter and perfect for Spring.

This Helly Hansen jacket is great for the colder overnight shoots to layer over a thicker sweater. I have this one in an army green.

This Tretorn jacket is the most inexpensive, but also very durable and quite water resistant.

There you have it for rain jackets but you also need proper foot gear. I made the mistake of buying designer MK rainboots, and they couldn’t withstand the kind of terrain we go through on set. I’m talking gravel, watery mud, muddy grass, etc. My MK booties tore within a month. Both of them! As much as you need proper rain gear, proper shoes is just as important.

Here are ones that I suggest for proper film footwear because you never know where you’ll be assigned:

You can’t go wrong with Sorels. The great thing about these ones are they are not as bulky as their Winter counterparts but they will do for the current season. They are light enough to comfortably trek in any terrain.

I’m beginning to love Tretorn because they are a pretty simple style and inexpensive boot, not to mention durable.

I’ve never been a fan of the original Crocs shoes, you know the summer ones that parents used to put on their kids a few seasons ago because they were “light” and durable. Sure, but if you ask any fashionista, they were hideous. Fortunately, they have more attractive items in their line, like this rain boot. This one is all about practicality and lightness, just like the aforementioned item. Great for film crew.

So, there you have it. These are my top 6 picks for stylish, practical gear that will work in film. And if you’re like me, you’ll want to choose pieces that are comfortable so that you can work better. Always be prepared for that rainstorm because you just never know when it will happen…til next time, more adventures in the film industry.


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