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The Grammy’s: My Bests and Worst

23 Feb 2011 in celebrity, dress, Fashion, Faux Pas, Red Carpet

Author : Myra Gonzales

Ok, I’m gonna make this quick. I really have to say something about the best and worst dressed on the red carpet at the Grammy’s. Worst dressed? Nicki Minaj. I can’t get down with animal print, especially that much of it. And her hair was just too much also. Bride of Frankenflinstone. I don’t know what she was thinking. The girl has a pretty face, but I guess with all her “alter characters”, maybe she feels she has to dress outrageously and maniacal. I would like to see her in something elegant, for a change. A Valentino gown perhaps in a Veronica Lake hair do. Something very Old Hollywood, without losing herself too much such as using a pop of bright color.

And finally, the best dressed for me, although there were a few, like J. Lo in her silver Emilio Pucci mini looking always hot and impeccably dressed. There was also Heidi Klum, in her Julien MacDonald gold gown that had the interesting back, with sexy cutouts but also off the shoulder. I would totally rock that outfit.

Ok, ok. So, thee Best Dressed for me would have to be (drumroll please), Keri Hilson. And this is based on her overall appearance, from hair to shoes. She was so impeccably dressed from head to toe. Let’s start with her dress. The dress was this striking, electric blue colored dress by designer Basil Soda. What I loved about this dress was that it reminded of something from the future, with the structural design of the neckline. It wasn’t asymetrical in anyway, kind of like something Judy Jetson would wear, but very today. But at the same time, the pattern reminded me of something organic like the waves of the ocean splashing against the sands. I felt like it had movement, complimented by the silver sequins. I absolutely loved this dress. Even her blonde hair was wavy and matched well with the dress, not overpowering it but just enhanced it. She wore Jimmy Choo shoes which again, didn’t overpower her dress. They were gold colored. She looked like sea and sun. Keri Hilson was simply stunning!

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