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Spring Cleaning: Time to Party by Morgan Gray

Good day and welcome to another post where we discuss all things fashion related. Today, I am excited to be featuring a guest writer, Morgan Gray who has some great ideas in preparation for Spring. Her Spring Cleaning tips for your closet is a great way to keep your wardrobe refreshed and ready for the season. All you have to do is look fabulous!

Morgan Gray is a writer at heart from New York City. Check out her blog at

Spring Cleaning: Time to Party

I love when spring is in the air. Sure, it still feels like winter, but as soon as March hits, I’m immediately transported into spring mode and I can’t wait for my favorite season to get here.

One of the most important parts of the start of spring is spring-cleaning. Now, I know what you’re thinking: cleaning isn’t fun, it’s a drag. But let me tell you, fashionistas, spring-cleaning is actually the perfect time for a party.

If you’re anything like me, your closet is overflowing with clothes, shoes, and accessories. When I stumbled upon this fun closet organizing infographic, I knew it was time for a clean-out. I love my clothes, and have a tough time getting rid of them. I have a tendency to save everything, even if I no longer wear it. I’ll have a sweater from three years ago that I haven’t worn in two, yet I still hold onto it with the thought that maybe I’ll want it someday. But I realized that I needed to change my ways, and start letting go of the items I no longer need. So I started hosting spring-cleaning closet parties with all of my friends as a great way to spend time with my favorite ladies while forcing myself to part with some of my oldest items.

Clothing Swap

The main element of the spring-cleaning party is the clothing swap. I tell all my friends to bring whatever they want to get rid of, whether it’s clothes, purses, shoes, or jewelry. Once everyone arrives, we put everything out on display. In an attempt to keep some order, we take turns perusing the old-but-new items, and spend a good chunk of the afternoon trading our different pieces. Everyone leaves with a whole bunch of new stuff, and we really take to heart the age-old adage, “One man (or woman)’s trash is another’s treasure.”

Donate with a Drive

Spring cleaning is also a great opportunity to donate old clothing items to those in need, and I use these parties as a time for all of us gals to put together our own clothing drive and get our spring donations started. While swapping clothes is always fun, we make sure to save a lot of the clothing items for donations. We use these items as the beginning of our own clothing drive, and then reach out to other people we know to try and collect more. By the end of the drive, we have an immense amount of clothing to donate, in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. It’s a great way to give back, and gives our spring-cleaning parties a lot more meaning.

Spring Snacks

A great party needs great food, and a spring cleaning party is no exception. Since the start of spring is the theme, I like to take these parties as an opportunity to serve light, fresh, fun snacks. Even if it’s still snowing out in March, who says we can’t channel warmer days with tropical treats like these? Think lemonade and fruit punch, paired with finger sandwiches and mini desserts. So when everyone is done with clothes-swapping drive planning, they can enjoy some great grub that matches the lightness and brightness of the spring months we are cleaning out our closets for!

Thanks for the great tips Morgan!

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