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Spring Bomber


Spring has got to be my favorite season of the year. Not only because my birthday falls in April but because of what it signifies – a rebirth from the cold Winter season. Flowers start to bloom as the snow melts, the sun shines brighter as the days get longer, and of course, fresh fashion trends start to emerge. It’s a time of renewal – out with the cold and in with the new. People start to do some Spring cleaning in their homes, including cleaning out the closets full of drab, dull colored Winter clothing.

In Vancouver, I definitely feel that Spring is in the air. On the streets, the cherry blossoms are a gorgeous pale pink and are almost fully blossomed, while people are already wearing their flip flops. It’s quite a difference from my hometown in Winnipeg where they just had a snowfall…again.

In the Fashion world, there’s no limit as to what colours are worn. For 2016, Pantone released it’s color of the year as Rose quartz and Serenity. You will soon see this on the streets if you haven’t already. As Spring trends and colors start to emerge, you can’t help but feel alive! What makes ME feel alive is the perfect Winter/Spring piece, which is what I am featuring – the Bomber jacket.

This season, the bomber jacket is making an even bigger comeback, even though I feel it has been an underrated classic piece in the past years. To me, what makes the bomber jacket special is the construction itself. Usually, the band of the jacket is made of elastic, giving it that tapered feel which is the signature look of a bomber jacket. For me, the band is perfect because of my petite figure, thereby accentuating my figure. There are many styles this season. And basically, the bomber jacket can be worn with anything – jeans, a mini skirt, a circle skirt or sweats. You can rock a sporty, urban or edgy look. The choice is yours, which is why I love the versatility of the jacket.

Here are some of my favorite looks and jackets this season:

This one is your classic army green bomber jacket, perfect with some dark denim or light. This is a very casual jacket but is great for just walking around, maybe in the park.

I love this jacket because of the feminine look of it. The floral print not only make it feminine, but in Season as well. I would wear it with silver or gold earrings and a fresh, white mini skirt and some cute pumps. And bada boom bada bing, you’re lookin’ fly for Spring!

This jacket, I love as well because it’s pink and very similar to Rose Quartz, btw, more like a pale disco pink. This one has more length to it, which would look great with dresses, mini skirts, circle skirts and even long skirts. But, that’s the great thing about these jackets – they can go with everything!! Don’t be afraid to experiment with different looks. As long as you are confident, you are owning the look.




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