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Small Town Girl, Big City Dreams – Designer’s Dream in Van City


What does a girl from Winnipeg do with her dreams of being a fashion designer? Well, move to Vancouver of course! I met Trish while I was working on a film gig here in Vancouver. And as soon as she started talking, there was something familiar about her laugh, her cussing and her sense of humour that reminded me of Amy Schumer. She was from Winnipeg – a homegirl. Right away, she divulged that she was a fashion designer – one who not only designs clothes but also prints. How cool is that?!! I’ve always said that prints are underrated because some consider prints to be “too loud”. It could be because Trish and I came from a city where colorful prints were simply not part of everyday fashion. Black was, for the most part the color of choice by everyone. You couldn’t be caught dead in a fabulous print, unless you were the crazy, loud uncle with the  70’s wardrobe. Thank god, Trish moved to the West coast where one has the freedom to become a designer and create prints that are marketable. Trish has been able to create prints on wearable, stylish pieces that are versatile on their own and is perfect for the young professional who is trendy, but isn’t afraid to show a bit of an edge. She has managed to create that balance of professionalism and fun, but altogether classic through her collection that can go in either direction.

Being a sucker for themes myself, Trish has always followed a theme for her designs. But what’s special about Trish and her collections is that her themes are always inspired by a charitable cause. Last year, her Fall/Winter 2015 collection was based on the extinction of bees. The collection is packed with hexagonal patterns and bold colors of red and blue on tea skirts, scarves and cardigans that is truly the “bee’s knees”. Trish, ever the busy bee herself fully immersed herself in more inspiration and research herself by visiting a local beehive to see how the little guys operate. Check it out here as well as where you can purchase pieces from her collection.

Currently, the 2016 Spring/Summer Collection is out, with a collection inspired by the sea:

Not bad for a small town Winnipeg girl, eh?


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