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Scarf, Shmarf!

06 Feb 2012 in Accessories, Fall, Fashion, moms, Style, Winnipeg Fashion, winter

Author : Myra Gonzales

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In Winnipeg, it can be a daunting task to keep warm during the Winter season. We are all too familiar with getting up earlier than usual in the morning so that we can layer on our winter gear. And with school kids, add another 15 mins per child. Fortunately, we’ve been lucky that the weather is has been milder than what we anticipate. These days, it’s almost pointless to wear the Canada Goose or even the Sorel’s on some days. Gone are the days where we have to wrap our scarf 4 times around ourselves and the kids. At the mall, the winter accessories are on sale by the bins. Lots and lots of “infinity scarfs” that were hot last winter and now, just sitting in a store collecting dust, priced at $5. It’s because they are too much fabric for our neck and our current climate. Definitely, there’s no need for ear muffs either.But as your trusty stylist, I have found the perfect “neck warmer”. Introducing…the Muffler! It’s handmade by a girlfriend of mine and comes in many colours. She charges $10 and there is no need for all the fabric that a regular scarf gives. With the Muffler, just wrap around the neck and button up. It’s just enough fabric to keep you warm in the winter but less bulk than a scarf. Less bulk,more fun! 🙂 It’s perfect for our weather and comes in different colors and patterns. For more information and if you want to order, call me at my number at 204.951.6432 or give me an email at

So, if you’re looking for something practical and chic at the same time, look no further than the Muffler.

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