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Rockin’ Rockports!

As I approach my 40’s, (yes I said it), I find myself less concerned about my image and more on how I truly feel. All I want is to be comfortable in my own skin. After all, true beauty starts on the inside right? Of course, being involved in the fashion industry requires me to work on a person’s surface look, but these days, you no longer have to sacrifice comfort for style. Right now, I see fashion trends where wearing Adidas sweats are in, for example. Or leggings as pants, among the teens. Something that I don’t agree with, but that’s another story. But my point is, being comfortable is finally fashionable! Not that I’d wear Adidas pants in my 40’s, but I wouldn’t wear yoga pants in public either. I still have to maintain a level of style, as a wardrobe consultant. For someone who’s on their feet lots, comfort and style go hand in hand. If I can’t walk in the shoes for more than an hour AND look good, then forget about it. As I approach my 40’s, I can honestly say, I’ve become wiser…well, when it comes to developing my own style and owning it, that is. And having comfortable, sensible footwear is of utmost importance to me. So, that’s why I am excited about Rockport shoes coming to Winnipeg Polo Park. They understand that quality footwear is not just about looking great and stylish, but also functional and comfortable, so that their consumer can “be more, do more, and live more”, according to Shawn Kotania, Retail Operations Manager.

I had the privilege of attending the media launch of the new concept store and  picked myself up a pair of heels that I can actually RUN in! They literally are that comfortable! Rockport footwear is soo comfortable that you can RUN in their shoes. I tested them out! They’ve developed a sports technology called Total Motion right in the shoe, so that it adheres to the top of your foot and is totally comfortable on the soles of your feet. I was sold right away. The best thing about these pumps is that they are a classic style. They are just a basic black pump which looks great with any outfit. Rockport talks my language. All the Rockport sales girls swear by them and “rock” them out during their shift. Finally, a shoe store that incorporates a sports concept into their dress shoes, even high heels. Side note: in 1990, Rockport vice president proved the functionality and science of the shoe by running in a marathon. And speaking of Adidas, Rockport uses the same sole support called Adiprene as the iconic brand. So once again, even in my 40’s, I can literally run in my heels. And so can you! Check out all the other great, functional, fashionable shoes that Rockport has to offer like the machine washable, light-as-air runners or men’s dress shoes that have a runner’s soul. See what I did there?. I couldn’t help it. Anyway, go to Rockport now and treat yourself to comfortable fashion. Your feet will thank me!



The classic, basic pump but comfier!

The classic, basic pump but comfier.


Yup, they're cute!

Yup, they’re cute.The new Rockport concept store at Polo Park.  



The new Rockport concept store at Polo ParkLight as air runners. And machine washable too!

Light as air runners. And machine washable too!





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