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Out with the old, in with the new…


A couple of weeks ago, I had a client who was a carpenter by trade. Good with his hands, but could care less about fashion. He came to me in a wooley sweater that was practically falling apart at the seams. So, his lovely wife contacted me for help. Ellen first contacted me about her husband who was often out of town on a work contract. They both enjoy going out to dinner and wanted to do more of that, now that she’s semi retired. But, she wanted him to be a little more polished when going out. Ellen described her hubby as 58 yo, 6’2, with a medium build. One of his issues was that it was a challenge looking for tops that were long enough for his torso. I met the couple for our appointment at George Richard’s Big and Tall because I figured that would be the safest place to find tops that had length. I was right. We found buttoned up dress shirts that were long enough and perfect for going out for a nice dinner. We found that he was a size L at George Richards, which can translate to XL at other retail stores carrying standard sizes for men. Burton’s main issue with tops was that if he went for a standard XL, it would be too wide AND too short. Burton has a long enough torso for an XL but he isn’t wide enough to fit into it and therefore it looks too boxy and short. This is usually the case for most brands. But if you do your due diligence, you can find the right tops that match a long torso. Hudson’s Bay is where it’s at! We found nice wool sweaters that were perfect to layer on top of Burton’s shirts. Brands we tried on were Tommy Hilfiger sweaters and Black Brown shirts that were lengthy, but not boxy. He was an XL in the dress shirts and the TH sweaters. For pants, I suggested khaki’s since Burton wasn’t the dress pants type. More blue collar, not unlike carpenter Mike Holmes. We found some Dockers and Haggar pants with a flat front, classic fit and 36′ inch in seam.  Here’s a look at the transformation:


Before pic of Burton

Before pic of Burton – The outdated, wooley sweater. Very itchy.


After pic

After pic – A nice, red, plaid buttoned up shirt to go with a straight cut dark denim.

After pic.
After pic – A Tommy Hilfiger sweater to complete the look which is perfect for the season!



So, there you have it! One of the things I try to do is, to maintain the style of the client and make sure the pieces I pick are not too far off from what they’re used to wearing. If they are more open to change, then great! But otherwise, I try and stay within their comfort zone. Burton was a great sport and a pleased with the picks and so was Ellen. She’ll have a well dressed man to escort her to the dinner table! 😉

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