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New beginnings, a new you. Pt. 1

08 Nov 2011 in plus size, shopping, Timeless, Tops

Author : Myra Gonzales

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Hello there! How is everyone? I apologize for not posting in what seems eons. It has been extremely busy for me, in my personal life as well as my professional life. There’s been alot of happenings in my professional life, but recently, I’ve had the opportunity to wardrobe a lady who had lost 70 pounds and is trying to really turn her life around. I would describe her body type as “apple” shaped which is full in the mid section. She’s about 5’6 in height and is fair skinned. As a wardrobe stylist, I usually consult with clients before meeting, and finding out what their shopping habits are. One of the joys of actually meeting clients is getting to know them. So, when I met my new friend to go shopping, she had the sunniest disposition which made me instantly light up. And being a sucker for bright colors, I immediately thought that bright colors and hues were appropriate for her personality. I thought of periwinkle and rose pink, which she was ecstatic about.
What she was in store for was finding a great pair of jeans and some tops. So, I conjured up an outfit in my mind and we sought out to find it. The first lesson here, is to start looking for and investing in a great pair of classic bottoms, or in this case jeans. This serves as the foundation of your look. As long as you’ve got a fabulous fitting pair of jeans, you’ve won half the battle. When finding a great pair of jeans, especially for this particular body type, make sure pants are a straight fit, meaning not too tight and not to loose and baggy. Also, make sure that they are not low rises. I know that most jeans on the market are low rise, but that’s why you have to try about 50 pairs just to find one that’s right for you.
Once, you’ve found that pair, it’s time to find tops. For the “apple” shape, the full mid section is where all the bumps, (lovely lady bumps) are usually what women want to hide. So, the best style I suggest that will help is the empire waist, seen below. You can also layer with dark pieces such as knit sweaters with a light weight to complete the look. Next, it’s time to find shoes to match the outfit. Then, acessorizing will follow, but we will discuss that in another post. As long as you’ve got your basis of a great outfit, finding the right shoes and right accessories will come easily.
We are all women of different types of beauty! Let’s celebrate that!

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