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Model of the day – Gigi Hadid

Just this past Sunday, I tuned in to watch the VMA’s just because I was curious to see what Miley Cyrus was wearing, or not wearing. From a fashion point of view, everything was an eyesoar, but I have to hand it to her…she’s pretty confident and she owns it. People will say that it’s for attention, which is probably true but that’s the name of the Hollywood game. It’s a doggy dog world and you have to fight your colleagues for attention and fame. That’s Hollywood reality.
I was, of course, tuned in it to see what people were wearing and I came up with 3 outfits.
1) Vanessa Hudgens – Her gown was a dusty rose and she looked like a fairy princess with her hair braided like a crown on top with the added petals. I thought she looked perfectly styled because it matched her aura.



2) Emily Ratajkowski – What I liked about this look was that it was more original than the dresses that we are used to nowadays, the ones that show alot of side boob, deep cleavages and just doesn’t leave much to the imagination. Although this dress had a deep cleavage, it looked like it had scales or that it reminded me chain mail armour which is pretty badass. And even more badass with the thigh high boots exposed!! I love the warrior princess look!!

emily-Ratajkowski-vma-201513) Nicki Minaj – The only reason why I chose her as best dressed was because for once, she looked classy, although she was still showing some skin. The goldish color of the dress made her look elegant, even Oscar worthy. Kudos on the outfit Nicki! That’s what’s good!!











But, (no pun intended) the one who caught my eye and immediately developed a girl crush on was @gigihadid. OMG, this girl is gorgeous!!! She looked brilliant in her canary yellow dress, which would be my number 4 choice. I love the exposed undergarment look down the middle. It reminds me of Wonderwoman. A powerful outfit for sure!
Gigi Hadid is a true California girl and her gold touched skin tone proves it. Her face can be classic but she’s got a touch of exoticness to her that she can pass for an ancient Egyptian princess. Picture it. She stands at 5’10 and she’s a huge volleyball player. That’s what makes her the Model of the Day. Not to mention, we’ve got the same birthday! 🙂

And some Miley outfits for good measure1 LOL!!! Ohhh Miley…











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