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Maximizing your Closet…In with the New


Now that you’ve thrown out unwanted or outdated pieces, it’s time to see how we can work with what you already have in your closet. It could be that perfect fitting blazer you have or that favorite cashhmere sweater that you just can’t let go of. We can work around these pieces and create multiple outfits based around these favorite items. I call them “versatile” pieces or “investment” pieces, depending on how much you’ve spent on the items, quality and timelessness. It’s all about maximizing these items, and making them go a long way. With my help, I can help you channel your inner stylist and figure out how to create your own sense of style with pieces that you already know flatter your figure and expanding on that. For example, remember that perfect fitting blazer you have? These days, you can dress blazers up or down or from day to night. A tailored blazer can be worn casually with a pair of skinny jeans during the day or over a some basic trousers for the office. The below illustration, is a perfect example of how to wear a blazer 3 ways:


1,2 3 and Voila!

1,2 3 and Voila!

There really are no rules, as long as the fit is right on you, you feel confident and when you appear confident and rockin’ it, nobody questions you. That’s my philosophy anyway. True style is in the eye of the beholder… or the wearer. Anyhoo, my point is, learn how to maximize your pieces while playing around with them to create your own individual style. That’s what it’s all about. You want to find something that works for you, and only you. Not something that Kim Kardashian is wearing, but YOU! Because you are beautiful and unique!

Another thing to keep in mind, is the quality of the item. If the blazer is faded and tattered, there’s no point in keeping it. After a certain age, you want to look polished and put together and if you’re items are not well taken care of, it won’t look that way.

Now, you’ve figured out what items work, then you can mix and match existing items from your wardrobe and/or make a list of what you need to enhance your style. Work around that favorite blazer and figure out what can work with it, to fit your body type. Find some perfect fitting bottoms that will go with the blazer or a dress with a print that color coordinates with it. And then it’s time to shop for these items. Play around with color that works with your skin tone, fabrics and silhouettes. It may take time to create your style, but it’s worth it. Of course, with my help, it takes less time. 🙂


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