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Love Compatibility? How about Style Compatibility?

15 Feb 2011 in celebrity, dress, Fashion, Holiday, men, Timeless, Winnipeg Clothing, Winnipeg Fashion

Author : Myra Gonzales

Valentine’s Day, Shmalentine’s Day! Show love everyday! Honestly, as much as I say this day is for suckers, and just another day for capitalism to feed on the masses that fall prey to the commercialism of it all, I can’t help but dread this day a tiny bit, especially as a single mom. I mean, c’mon. I’ve been single for 3 years and have raised my little girls on my own the best I can, why wouldn’t I want someone to take care of me for a change. It’s the day when being single is really emphasized. I’m not even talking about being wined and dined. Really. These days, I’d be satisfied with a neck, back and a foot massage…and maybe some chocolate. But that being said, let’s imagine I was one half of a couple. What would I, consider a perfect date? Hmm…surprise me. You can’t go wrong with spontaneity, fellas. Ultimately, you’d have to get to know me, know who I really am to know what makes me heart flutter. Seriously. Figure it out. It’s the thought that’s put into what you have planned. It’s a cliche, but its true, right? Trust me, fellas, the more thought you put into being original and into something that expresses the uniqueness of both of you, the more brownie points you’ll get with your lady. And vice versa, ladies. Your man needs to feel wanted and appreciated just as much as you do. Make him feel that way.
But this ain’t a Miss Lonelyhearts column. Let’s talk fashion. Whenever I see couples, the first thing that usually catches my eye is how good they look together. If I think they make a compatible looking couple, I’m like “Aww…good for them.” That being said, I then look at their style compatibility (Yes, I just made up that term. This very second.) It’s hot when a couple has a similar sense of style, like they just came straight out of a ?uess ad. I mean, there are those couples who’s fashion tastes are quite opposite, like the Rocker chic and the Republican conservative, but that’s more Jerry Springer. I’m just talking about the harmony that a couple creates when they dress. It’s just more pleasing to the eye. I don’t mean when 2 people wear matching yellow North Face jackets either. Last year, I put together a Valentine’s Day outfit for a hypothetical dinner date scenario. Still single even then. Here’s the outfit:

So, now I am going to match it with a “partner” outfit.

Ohhh, there’s just something about a man in a well fitted suit that just screams sophistication and confidence…Fellas, incase you don’t know what to do with the hanky, put it in the breast pocket and let it peek out a little. The suit works well with the dress because its silhouette is more “masculine”, with the slightly baggy trousers as opposed to the slimmer style seen in current trends along side the dress which is sexier and made for a more voluptuos figure. The slim pink tie helps tie in the pink shades of the dress nicely, creating what I call harmony in a couple’s outfit, as a whole. Kind of like the yin and yang. I could picture someone like Kim Kardashian wearing the dress or Victoria Beckham and hubby, David in the suit, who definitely embodies masculinity. Here are some other celebrity couples who I think, have that style compatibility. Also, last but not least, I came upon a special couple at work. It was sort of a coincidence that I was writing about this topic that when I encountered this couple, the idea of love and style came together. Sometimes, a couple has been together for soo long that they just end up dressing similarily. It was really sweet. You’ll see what I mean. It was really sweet. Check them out, you’ll know what I mean.


This lovely couple didn’t even realize they put on the same color tops until someone pointed it out to them. They still admit to being in love after all these years. Really sweet. Thank you for letting me take a picture of you!

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