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Let It Go…(Closet Purging)


It’s about that time for Spring cleaning. For alot of us, this includes the annual closet purge. And when you have a closet packed with clothes, cleaning out a closet can be a a daunting task. Most of us hold on to things that can be difficult to let go of, maybe because of its sentimental value or maybe it’s simply too comfortable. It could be that scarf that your aunt gave you and expects you to wear it whenever she visits or that t-shirt you wear for lounging hanging by its last threads.  Or maybe it’s that brand new skirt that you bought 2 years ago and were meaning to wear because you promised yourself you’d lose weight. No matter what it is, you’ve gotta figure out what to let go of and what to keep, if it serves you. When I work with clients, I like to give practical tips on what to keep, what to give away and how to wear and maximize already existing items. Here are a few of my do’s and don’ts of a closet purge:


Do keep items that are classic, timeless pieces that will last you for many seasons (ex. a little black dress can go a long way if you know how to pair it with various pieces.)

Do keep a pile of “give aways” and a “maybe” pile. We can usually revisit the the “maybe” pile when we’ve decided what there’s left in our closet. “Maybe” piles may consist of clothes we have different colors of, or seasonal items that we rarely wear, like the knitted sweater we wore once or twice, one winter.

Do keep a “yes” pile which consists of pieces that fit well to your body type and are well made. In other words, pieces that will be used, worn and loved to its fullest.


Don’t keep items that you have extras of. For example, one of my clients had 5 very similar styles of turtle necks, all grey in color. One was tight fitting, the other was a mock and yet another was a rib knit. Do you really need 5 turtle necks?!

Do keep track of how many times you wear certain pieces, so that gives you an indication of what are keepers.  If you wear them often enough, then keep it in your closet.

Don’t keep outdated items. Not only are you dating yourself, you’re also holding onto the past. Those boot cut jeans just don’t work anymore, for years now.

Don’t keep faded looking clothes. Try and keep your clothes looking fresh. If you have an attachment to a comfy t-shirt, keep it if you must, for lounging around, but not to wear in public.

Once you’ve minimized your wardrobe, with the help of yours truly, it’s time to move on. We’ll be able to figure out how the remaining pieces can be worn into different outfits in order to make the most out of the pieces. We will also assess what pieces are needed to shop for to add to outfits, and perhaps enhance them. Much will be learned and above all, we’ll have fun!





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