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Hollywood Holiday Dresses

22 Nov 2008 in celebrity, dress, Holiday, Red Carpet, winter

Author : Myra Gonzales

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It’s already that time of the year for holiday cheer and Christmas spirit. And don’t forget the FOOD! For the average person, like you and me it’s turkey, eggnog and mashed potatoes, but for these Hollywood celebs, the holidays are all about walking the red carpet on a regular basis, so they HAVE to look fabulous! And they probably have turkey pieces as h’or d’ouerves at their lavish holiday parties! What a life! But, let’s talk about what they’re wearing!

One thing that distinguishes holiday evening wear from other types of evening wear  is the combination of color and sheen or glitter to them. Kind of like Christmas ornaments. Either way, they shine and look fab and festive at the same time. These lovely ladies really look like they’re into the holiday spirit with these beautiful, gowns. You sort of get the feel that they’re at a holiday-ish type event because, they are tastefully dressed without exposing too much skin.


Hilary Swank, Givenchy, One-Shoulder, Holiday DressesRihanna, Monique Lhuillier, Day-to-Night, Holiday Dresses

Jennifer Hudson, Donna Karan, Day-to-Night, Holiday DressesMaria Menounos, Malandrino, Silver, Holiday Dresses

The 2008 fashion season was filled with off the shoulder frocks and the holidays are no exception. They’re just a little more festive. Blazers, like Jennifer Hudson’s are the perfect item to add on to the right dress especially during this time where it can get chilly.

But what about you? You might be thinking, can I look like these Hollywood celebs and afford it? Absolutely, there are a ton of stores out there with different price points, that keep you and me in mind. The stars are just here for our inspiration to get ideas from. Check stores like Forever 21, le chateau, Guess? and bebe (still both a little pricey, but less expensive than high end). One of my favorites that offer brand name fashions at a great price is Winners. It’s like the Canadian version of Ross in the States. I always find great dresses there.

Le Chateau would probably be your best best if you’re looking for that Holiday look, like these ladies above. They are up to date and offer everything you need for that special Holiday party, from sparkly necklaces, to tights, to shoes. I think they even sold body glitter at one point. It’s a one stop shop, for those procrastinator shoppers out there.

The holidays are usually a busy time for everyone, so plan ahead, little by little. Have a mental image of what your hair style will be or find a dress ahead of time and draw your inspiration for the rest of your look from there. Do it day by day. Maybe, go to one store everyday/week. Next week, do your nails/shave your legs. By the time the day of the party comes, all you have to do is put everything on, do your hair and voila! Partytime! All you have to worry about is how you’re gonna handle all the compliments you’ll get that night. Right ladies!

Happy holidays and no drunk driving! What’s the point of looking classy if you don’t act it. That’s what I say!

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