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Give me Attitude!

24 Nov 2008 in dress, Holiday, Tops, winter

Author : Myra Gonzales

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Nov. 24/2008

This past weekend was pretty uneventful, except for the great store find. I was taking a stroll, more like a speed walk in Osborne village, when I happened to look up and beyond Kustom Kulture and Noir and found a modest little boutique called Attitude boutique. I climbed up the stairs, making sure I wouldn’t slip and saw a bright, clean store. Heather, the owner and I chatted for awhile and this is what I found out. The boutique catered to (among others) the Rockabilly chicks of the city. Rockabilly, I just learned is a style that is inspired by the 50’s pin up girl but with more edge, sexiness and of course, more chic. Think lots of color and retro print on tight fitted or A-lined skirts on the dresses. I’ve seen this style on ladies in other places such as Vancouver and evidently, it’s a huge look in the city. Then again, someone did tell me during the summer that the 50’s was back and I have been seeing alot of men with the “Grease” hairdo. It’s cool, although, I think I prefer the ladies’ styles better.

On the other side of the style spectrum was a local line called Osses (meaning sex in Italian) which featured pieces  that were very structured, simple and modern, yet comfortable and soft to the touch.  What I really liked about these pieces, consisting of tops and dresses was that they could flatter any figure. I could easily picture Kate Bosworth wearing some of these dresses. You have to check them out! You could probably get away with wearing some of these dresses at the office, depending on what kind of office you work at, like at an Architectural firm.

I really like this store because it offers something unique that I haven’t seen yet in the other local boutiques. They cater to a niche market, not to mention Osses is a Canadian line! It’s always great to see local talent. Who knows, maybe we’ll see Osses in the runways of Milan one day!

Heather also said that hey were expanding their inventory, which is something to look forward to. Meanwhile, check out Attitude. It’s worth the climb up the stairs.

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