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Fashion Therapy in Van City!

29 Jul 2010 in Fashion, Summer, Tops, Uncategorized, Vancouver

Author : Myra Gonzales



Hello ladies and gents! Well, I’ve been in Van City for a month now and I can’t help but feel alive! My spirit can’t be still and my soul feels alive! There’s something in the air that I breathe out here that makes me feel renewed. It’s the sights, the sounds, the smells that just awaken every fiber of my body. And of course,  it must be the fashion I see all around me! It’s a world where I can wear bright, golden yellow and no one will look me up and down weird. (And speaking of Winnipeg, it’s hot, humid and mosquito infested there! Not missing the weather at all!) I can be totally anonymous, and wear what I want. I feel exhilerated!  I feel like the streets of downtown Vancouver is my runway and I’m Giselle Bundchen…well, in my dreams. Nonetheless, I feel like I can confidently strut my stuff. And I’m not the only one, everyone seems to strut what they momma gave ’em in this town…or at least strut the cash they have and spend it on clothes…whatever it is, it’s eyecandy to me.

Summer is in full effect and you’ll see pretty much every hue and shade on people and its nothing but inspiring! To me, color drives me to be creative and more so when people can put combine colors together to make an outfit work. As I absorbed what Vancouver street trends are, I couldnt help but conclude that its so easy to be trendy in this city because everything you see in mags are so accessible and cheap! This is probably true in every major metropolis.  Right now, what I’m seeing is the ‘Hipster’ look, which has been around for 2 or 3 years now I think? And has only become mainstream now, from what I see in Van. If you don’t know what the Hipster look is, google it. It’s like a cross between 80’s style and hippie. I define them as the New Age hippies. They’re cool, knowledgable of pop culture, educated, tech savvy and free spirited. A few years ago, there was only a handful of Hipsters, but in Van, I see the look everywhere. And they’re not even true Hipsters as a subculture, it’s more of a style now.

But Hipster or not, I love fashion watching and the great thing is, I can sit at a bench, have a japadog, listen to some tunes, lay back and enjoy the scenery. It’s urban paradise to me, considering I am much the City slicker. The great thing, too is that this is prime time for sales galore in Van City! This is the perfect time and place to get deals all over the place! At Zara, I scooped up some tops for $10 each. Sale is still going on, for all you Peggers visiting Van City! Pretty much everywhere, you can find a deal. And if you have time to head down to the States, there’s crazy deals there too. Luckily, I was able to head down to the States and bought, not one but 2 pairs of Vans sneakers at the Vans store for under $40! What a steal! I was a happy camper!

So, if you’re ever in a big city like Vancouver, take the time to sit in the midst of the concrete jungle and take in the vibrant colors on beautiful people. Trust me, you’ll feel energized, relaxed and fashionably inspired!

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