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Fashion Do’s and Don’ts 2014

Hello everybody and welcome to my current edition of Fashion Do’s and Don’ts. For the past 2 years, I’ve noticed alor of fashion faux pas observing Winnipeg society. Some get it right and some get it wrooong. The following is a list of my top do’s and don’ts, starting with the don’ts:


1) Do not wear pajamas out in public. PLEASE! – Where do I start? The top reason why this would be one of my top don’ts is because pajamas are MEANT FOR INSIDE! For BEDTIME! I get that they’re super comfy but you can wear sweats outside or yoga wear if you reaally wanna go that comfort route. To some, fashion is not a priority, but it simply doesn’t make sense to wear bedtime gear out in the daylight. If you want the world to know that you’ve given up on how you look and don’t care, you’ve suceeded. You haven’t made the effort to look pretty. You’ve gotten too comfy and personally, I think it discourages conscious fashion thinking. Throwing on a pair of jammies? It’s just too easy! Sadly, I once saw a kiosk at Polo Park selling just pj pants, further encouraging the hideous trend. What message are you sending out into the world when you wear them out in public, girls? Are you depressed? Are you gonna sleep on a bench somewhere? Do you want a tub of Ben & Jerry’s to go with those pj’s? It just ain’t pretty.

Where are these girls going? To bed or work? I hope not!

Where are these girls going? To bed or work? I hope not!

2) Don’t expose your bra strap! – Two words. Tacky and trashy. Especially when it’s a totally different color than your tank top. Again what message are you sending out to the world? To boys? Do you really want to show what color underwear you’re wearing? I see this with girls of all ages, unfortunately. It’s called UNDERWEAR for a reason ladies! Keep it under your clothes! Honestly, I’ve been guilty of this crime a couple of times but unintentionally. Sad thing is, for some it’s intentional to show off your bra strap!  So, instead of showing your bra, invest in clips that keep your straps together in the back or simply criss cross your bra straps from the back. Most bras are detachable back there, which I’m sure most girls don’t even know. So, now you know, it’s possible to wear a racer back without showing your bra straps

Verical, horizontal, criss cross?! Nope. Just trashy.

Verical, horizontal, criss cross?! Nope. Just trashy.

3) Don’t wear low rise jeans! – First reason, muffin top. Who wants to see that? For those who can’t get away from wearing low rise jeans, wear a longer shirt if you suffer from muffin top. It looks sloppy when you spillover…Second reason,  and my pet peeve which makes me blood boil is THONG, th…thong thong thong!…everytime I see it on someone, I have to sing it my head…So scandalous! Again, keep the underwear under your pants! Keep it classy ladies. No one wants to see your thong when you bend over, especially in a family environment like the mall. I see this alot. And it’s just wrong on so many levels which I won’t get into just yet. Instead of a low rise jean, go for a mid rise or a high rise which looks muuch better and trendier.

See the difference? Best to keep unnecessary lady bumps under wraps...

See the difference? Best to keep unnecessary lady bumps under wraps…


1) Dress appropriately for your age. – Alot of the time, I see women, especially those in their 30’s stuck in their 20’s fashionably speaking. In your late 20’s and 30’s, you would have already chosen your career and perhaps want to make a professional impression on your employer. But this is not the case for some. For someone in their early 30’s, starting out in their career, you want to strike a perfect balance. You don’t want to look too young because you want to be taken seriously but you also don’t want to look older than your age. Following trends are great, but you want to mix it up in your 30’s. Play with patterns and colors but mix it up with classic pieces with the perfect trouser or blazer.

Is she going to the office or going to Algebra class? Don't know!

Is she going to the office or going to Algebra class? Don’t know!


Impeccable taste! Keeps it trendy, with a mix of classic pieces!

Impeccable taste! Keeps it trendy, with a mix of classic pieces!

2) Wear the right bra. – Apparently, 80% of women are not wearing the right sized bra. Most of us think we’re a certain size, but we’re not. Go to a bra boutique, get sized by a pro and invest in the right sized bra. Give the girlies a lift. They deserve it! You deserve the lift, psychologically because you will look 10 times better in your favorite dress.

Give 'em a lift, ladies!

Give ’em a lift, ladies!

3) Find out what color compliments your skin tone. – First, define what your skin tone is. Are you fair skinned or have a medium tone. Or are you more of a winter tone or a summer tone? It can be confusing. But with the right color matched with your skin tone, you can glow. That’s the goal. With a mirror and proper lighting, experiment with different colors and hold it up to your skin. For someone who has a medium tone, warm colors such as coral, reds and yellows usually work. Keep in mind, too your coloring may change through out the season. The idea is to find out which colors make your skin shine while holding up colors up to you in front of the mirror.

She radiates in red!

She radiates in red!

So, there you have it ladies. I’m sure you’ve seen people commit some of these fashion crimes and if you are already doing a DO, kudos to you…yes you. Really though, the mirror is your best friend. Look at yourself and see if the clothes you wear compliments your body type and skin color. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email me or like my page on facebook. Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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