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Fall Forward with Fall Fashion

11 Sep 2009 in Accessories, Bags, celebrity, dress, Fall, Fashion, Summer, Tops

Author : Myra Gonzales


Oh Fall, how I love thee! The brightly colored falling leaves, the brisk walks in the crisp air, the brisk walks and oh, the fashion! What is it about back to school gear or a sexy business suit that screams “I’m ready for you, World!”. There’s nothing that screams confidence and success such as a fabulous Fall coat coupled with a great pair of boots. This season is  certainly no exception. Your favorite designers are bringing back Fall staples like wool coats,cardigans, leggings and booties. (They’ve even brought back the “big shoulder” look from the 80’s).  This time, the basics are kicked up a few notches and embellished with fur accents, more hardware, lace, sparkles, lots of print and pretty much anything under the sun. Here are 3 of my top looks from this season:

The top trends and looks this season are urban/rocker chic (my favorite), incorporating vests of all fabric from cotton denim to leather, paired with skinny jeans or leather leggings. And of course, what makes it give that edge is all the accented metal hardware on everything from clutches to black, patent pumps. So, go ahead ladies, show your bad side.

How to pull it off: Don’t go overboard that you’ll look like a member of a biker gang! Little touches of metal all over the outfit is perfect! Start with black (leggings or skinny jeans) and work from there. Add a top such as a feminine, ruffled blouse and accent it with a chain belt. Finish the look off with some hot stilettoes and you’re ready to rock out and kick ass!

Another hot look that graced the runways is the “Plaid print” found on everything from blazers, to dresses (suprisingly pleasant), to leggings and bags. Haggis anyone? I’m kidding! It might sound like a plaid overkill, but designers strategically placed them in spurts on outfits and in different variations, giving an outfit that harmonious feel. Pair these items with your basic neutral colors (like camel) and you’re golden!

How to pull it off: Again, don’t go overboard that it looks like you’re going to need some bagpipes! For example, pair a red, circle plaid skirt with a cute black vest and some black, opaque tights and cute ankle booties. And if you’re feeling brave, you can mix different color plaids. Just make sure you add solid color into the mix.

The final look that I’m loving for this season is the draping seen on alot of dresses, tops and skirts, cut in sleek, modern lines and adds sophistication and almost a futuristic feel. It’s reminiscent of 1930’s fashion when gowns were cut on the bias, giving it a luxurious drape and feel to it. But this season, stiffer fabrics, like crepe is used are used as well as silk. The modern cuts of this season, like the off the shoulder top/dress give the garment movement as the woman struts her stuff.  Colors  are rich and soft, molding and falling nicely to the woman’s body. Lots of fabrics are being used to give it that added luxury. Recession? By the looks of the new Fall lines, one would think the Recession didn’t even exist.

How to pull it off: An item that has drape and lots of material is usually the feature piece of the outfit, so don’t pair it with another feature piece to take it away from its glory. For example, put on a simple, solid colored pencil skirt with a drapey blouse. Or to a drapey dress, add little statement pieces and matching neutral colors such as black as shown here. I LOVE, LOVE this Vivienne Westwood asymetrical dress!!! The color is amazing!

I hope that these tips have helped you look fabulous for Fall!!!

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