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DeNiro is Delightful in The Intern


A couple of days ago, I had the opportunity to preview the new flick, The Intern,  starring Robert DeNiro and Anne Hathaway and I must say, that it was quite charming. I wasn’t sure what to expect because I like going into movies being surprised and this movie did not disappoint. Usually, I label movies as RomCom’s, thrillers or comedy but this one I think has it’s own unique twist to it.

Robert DeNiro plays Ben Whitaker, a retired widower and ex-vice president of a phone book company, who is actually bored of retirement. He’s done everything from travelling, tai chi in his spare time and even learning a foreign language. Ben’s still got a lot of juice in him and suddenly, he finds himself in a mid-retirement crises, wanting to work again and feels like he has a purpose and a connection with something. So, he applies for a position as part of a senior citizen outreach program (yes, it’s a thing) at a successful e-commerce company owned by Anne Hathaway’s character, Jules Ostin.

Ben is hired to become Jules’ personal intern among other interns in a fast paced, studio office in Brooklyn, NY. At first, Jules pays no attention to him, being as busy as she is. Ben patiently waits for orders from her, all the while observing his surroundings and making friends. He also observes his boss’s behaviour, character and interactions and quietly gets to know what she’s up against on a daily basis. It doesn’t take long for Ben to make Jules notice him and his work. He makes Jules take notice of him by cleaning up the “office junk drawer” that everyone dumps stuff on. Jules and Ben begin to get to know each other and soon you see that Jules, a successful entrepreneur needs Ben more than she needs him.

What makes Ben so likeable in this movie is that he displays patience and wisdom are virtues essential even in a fast paced, modern work environment. He was patient enough to wait and observe Jules and then he acted out on what he saw. Action vs. reaction. Ben’s character comes off as quietly charming and very endearing, which DeNiro pulls off effortlessly. He shows that no matter how many degrees you’ve earned or successful you are, Ben shows that  life experience will always overrule.

The Intern illustrates this and so much more. I don’t mean to disregard Hathaway’s character by giving much attention to DeNiro because she is equally important and substantial in the movie. She’s also likeable and even inspiring in the movie as a successful woman, who can really have it all. As a woman and entrepreuner myself, I can relate to her character. By the end of the movie, it touched me so much that I teared up and was feeling hopeful that I, too can have it all in this modern society. But that’s all I’ll say about that. Just watch this wonderful movie and it will pull at your heart strings.




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