Shoes cure the Blues
  11/29/11 I don’t know about you but around this time of the year, I feel the blues. I know. I know. I should be in the Christmas spirit, it’s the all about the giving, blah blah blah but I can’t. I can’t stand being surrounded by the capitalism of it all. Call me a scrooge, then. Bah humbug. Let’s just get this show over with. However, the only thing that gets me through the season, besides spiked eggnog is looking at all the pretty, festive footwear. I’m talkin about the party pumps, the booties all a little more embellished for those Christmas parties! Let me show you some of my faves and top styles this season that are sure to cure any blues and liven up the party!  
Fashion Therapy in Van City!
Hello ladies and gents! Well, I've been in Van City for a month now
Spring in Full Swing!
Hey ladies! Has the previous winter got you sick of being covered up in layers
Spring Showers Bring Colors!
In the midst of uncertain times in the economy, it's no wonder the fashion industry has put color
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A Sunday afternoon in Paris…
So, here's an outfit I would love to stroll around in on the streets of Paris
Chanel 2008 fashion show
Check out one of my favorite designer’s Fall/Winter fashion show 2008. Lots of sequins, vinyl and black lace and of course, all class – all Chanel.
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Hello fashion world!
This site is all about the inspiration, drive and the warm, fuzzy, always passionate feelings that fashion gives me. The cuts, the fabric, the COLORS, the way trends, the fads, the style eternal. From the way the bias cut of…
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