The next chapter…I mean next scene in my life.
04/06/16 Good morning!! I feel like it’s been eons since I’ve written anything down and I apologize. Ever since I moved to Vancouver, I’ve made some career changes in my life, resulting in my moods going wonky and feeling unmotivated to write. But, I’m back. I’ve had to stray away (temporarily) from fashion styling and wardrobe makeovers for awhile until I can get my feet on the ground in a new city, so I turned to my next passion – working in film. Thankfully, this time around, there is plenty of work in the city, which is pretty much why it’s deemed “the Hollywood of the North”. So, I found myself diving in the “not so glamorous” film industry in B.C, as a costumer. And I stress”not so glamorous” because everyone, including me always thought it was. If you think 16 hr days in upredictable weather and lugging racks upon racks of clothing is glamorous, then kudos to you. It may actually sound dreadful but I actually love it. The upside to this is the great pay, meeting all sorts of interesting characters from cast and crew; and I get fed well – all day long. With the unpredictable weather, […]
Relocating to Vancouver
Sunday, Aug. 9 2015 Hi everyone! The time has come for me to take my fashion endeavours and to move to the mountains and sea views of Vancouver, B.C. It’ll be bitter sweet leaving my friends and family in Winnipeg because home is where the heart is. I’ve decided to keep my website and transform it into something else. I also just wanted to thank everyone and my clients who have supported and believed in me! Until next time, Winnipeg, I…….will always LOVE you…(coincidentally it’s Whitney Huston’s birthday too!)