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BEP: Supergalactical at Super Bowl 45

08 Feb 2011 in celebrity, Fashion, Faux Pas, Red Carpet

Author : Myra Gonzales

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I am not a diehard fan of football. I usually just watch it for the halftime performances. And this year, the Black Eyed Peas were the lucky entertainers for Superbowl 45.  Their performance got so many bad reviews from left and right for technical difficulties and what not, that I almost feel sorry for the rich, “hip pop” group. However, I don’t feel sorry for their choice in their outfits. Yeah, I have to say something about that. Everytime, I see them in magazines or TV, they’ve been wearing these futuristic outfits where it seems like they’re part of a galactic army far, far away. Why?!? I don’t know. Maybe they know something we don’t? I really don’t know what their stylist is thinking…I personally think they’re light years ahead of the majority of the crowd at the Super Bowl, who I’m assuming are mostly, average red blooded, beer drinking, middle class Americans. I actually don’t mind seeing them in those outfits when they’re on the red carpet, or at the clubs but my question is, “Are they really practical for performing?” I mean, it seemed they could barely move their necks…and they’re breakdancers (except Fergie)…or were. The space outfits simply did not appeal to the eye in any way. They were stiff, mostly black and glow in the dark. I personally would’ve wanted to see something bright, maybe some yellow, to tribute both Pittsburgh and Green Bay. If there was a shot of color or maybe have a brighter color like white incorporated in there somewhere, then I probably would’ve watched them for more than a minute. I just couldn’t take it. I’ve seen better performances from them, years ago. Usher, on the other hand hand a much more practical outfit for dancing because he was dancing. Although, he had the space outfit on, it totally worked with his “spacey” moves. I think he did the moonwalk at one point. The material seemed more softer and movable as opposed to BEP’s plastic made action hero outfits. Also, more pleasing to the eye.

Here’s a  reminder of what went down and what was not so hot at halftime:

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