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A Tribute to Prince and his style


Last Thursday on April 21, we lost one of the world’s most brilliant musical artists – Prince. His famous songs like Purple Rain, Kiss, When Doves Cry and Rasberry Beret were often played even before his death at clubs. His music will forever live on because he was real. Pure, raw talent – a true musician to the core. For those who were hardcore Prince fans, they knew that this man was bigger than life. He transcended the genre, style and most importantly, a humanitarian at heart. I wish I saw him live. A big regret. I always thought I would, eventually.
What I always admired about Prince, is that despite his 5’2 frame, doe – ish eyes, there was a sexiness to him. He could wear eyeliner and a ruffly shirt and still oozed sexiness. The man wore heels and yet, men love and respect him! He definitely owned his style. Not only that, he had swagger. I remember seeing him on “The View” and surprising the ladies with such swagger and confidence in his walk, the audience when nuts! He was a walking sexual contradiction, with his big, brown eyelined eyes and then he starts talking and is voice is low and slick.
Prince is probably the only artist ever who was able to rock a crop top and a halter top and make it look manly. He was and IS the epitome of cool.
In this post, I wanted to share my favorite Prince looks in honor of the man and his ability to stay true to his expressive individual style. He definitely was a leader, and not a follower in the sense of style. A true inspiration. May you rest in peace and thank you for your music, your style, your soul and your passionate heart.




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