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About Myra Gonzales – Winnipeg Wardrobe Stylist

Ever since I was young, I could appreciate the art of fashion. Everything, from the way that textures of fabrics and colors are mixed, to the way it is put together on a figure on the runway, fascinated and intrigued me. Styling people is something I have always done for family and friends, and improved my skills further by taking a course in Vancouver at the John Casablancas Institute. There, I learned about the history of fashion in Europe and why people actually wore what they wore back then. After that, I took in as much fashion of what Vancouver had to offer like dressing for fashion shows and assisting in photoshoots. When I moved back to hometown of Winnipeg, I realized I wanted to stay with styling people and just wanted to help people gain confidence with their outer look as well as teach them how to do this. Ultimately, I want to help people awaken their style sense.

My own style has changed over the years, since becoming a mom for 11 years to 2 beautiful girls. I used to be able to mix vintage with current pieces for an “effortless” look but now, it’s all about comfort, style and practicality. I’m fine with throwing on a denim jacket over a summer dress and then pairing rubber boots with the outfit. Sensible, but stylish right? But then, like all women, I feel the need to get glammed up, rock a hot dress and wear a killer pair of heels. Whatever the mood, I have a knack for what to wear, where ever, whenever! Whether it’s to a job interview, or a fancy event, like a wedding, I want to help. I don’t just like to help clients look great. I feel that it is my job to empower them to with tools on how to shop for their body type. Nothing makes me happier than helping someone feel great about themselves through this technique.